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i hope iphone 6 is a flip phone

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I like how sweden just decided one day that gender is fucking bullshit so they got a gender neutral pronoun and stopped separating boy clothes and girl clothes and have pictures of spiderman pushing a baby stroller in a toy magazine why isn’t every country like sweden

you push that stroller sassy spiderman!


you fight those bad guys girlfriend!


you style that hair lil’ dude!


and in that moment, i swear we all wanted to be swedish.

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Adorable Weechester comic made for me by Kamidiox - she does such beautiful work, love it!


Adorable Weechester comic made for me by Kamidiox - she does such beautiful work, love it!

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Purgatory!Dean is the stuff of nightmares ≧◔◡◔≦

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i’m single by choice
just not my choice

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"So, you had that mask on. You had to wear that all the time, right? Does that get hot on your face?" (x)

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I Believe - Gavin Creel

Book of Mormon - 07 March 2013

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James Potter being invited to a dance by Lily Evans. James having absolutely no idea how to dance. James turning to Sirius, who has begrudgingly gone to many balls and galas because of his pompous family. Sirius being surprisingly helpful and spending all night teaching James dance moves. James getting up on the dance floor and doing everything from the electric slide to the worm.

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friends: “you should have come with us” image

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that girl you saw crying today? she was crying over bucky barnes.

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